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Tune Ups

Is your car due for a tune up? If it is, call us or drive to our shop to get the best car mechanic Perth on the job.

When you come in for a tune up, we guarantee a comprehensive, top-quality experience.

We bring a combination to the job that packs a punch. Our car mechanic Perth team has experience and professional training. We also have the best tools. Finally, our equipment uses all the latest technology and the most accurate data.

Our service will check on all the important details. We will conduct maintenance and testing. Our team will adjust to improve performance and fuel economy.

Once our mobile car service Perth is done, your vehicle will be running as smoothly as the day it rolled out of the factory.

When we look under the bonnet, we’ll carry out a variety of tasks. We’ll do an engine compression test. After that, we’ll check the operation of a variety of systems, such as emission control, the E.G.R., and the P.C.V. valve. We will also check tappets and lifters for noise.

As part of the overall tune up, we also check the electrical systems.

Electrical systems are crucial to a car’s operation, and our first step is to test the battery. Loading and testing it is standard, along with checking electrolyte levels and inspecting the terminals. We also tune up the starter motor and other components.

Our car mechanic Perth also checks power supply cables, to make sure they are mounted correctly.

The fuel system is also going to be checked. As part of the standard process, we replace filters for air and fuel. Fuel lines, hoses, and other pipes are checked for leaks or damage. The security of the carburettor is checked, along with its condition.

When you come in for a tune up, we also do system checks on all the parts of your ignition and electrical fuel injection systems. From spark plugs to the throttle body, all of the car’s vital systems are inspected and adjusted to perform at maximum efficiency.

Don’t settle for less than the best. When the time comes for a tune up, consult our car mechanic Perth.


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