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Mobile Vehicle Inspections

In real estate, there’s an adage that advises you never to buy “site unseen.” It means that when you buy property, you have to see it first physically. It is the best way to know that what you are buying is what you think you are buying.

When it comes to vehicles and cars, the principle holds true. You have to see the car, be inside it, maybe even take it for a drive, to be sure. Even then, the prudent are concerned they may have missed a detail or two.

If you’re not sure if a car that you’re interested in is a good buy, hire our mobile car service Perth to conduct an inspection!

What happens when you ask our car mechanic Perth to inspect a vehicle before purchase? We put it through a rigorous test, checking 62 different points. Once this is complete, we give you a detailed report on its performance.

When buying a new car or a used one, you want to be certain nothing is amiss. A simple test drive might seem like enough, but some problems arise that most drivers don’t know about. They might miss on subtle hints something is wrong.

All you need to do is fill out a simple booking form or call us for an appointment. Give us a time and place, and we’ll take care of the inspection.

You can also request an inspection before you sell your car. Give potential buyers the peace of mind that helps them make purchases by showing nothing is wrong with your vehicle.

Our inspection service is also available for other purposes. We’ve had clients call for one before they went on a long journey. Other customers call to have it done before the warranty expires, so they can take advantage of it to get anything fixed.

With our extensive reports, you can get a clear view of every system in the vehicle. Our mechanics will also be happy to explain anything that is confusing, or offer advice on how to fix any issues. In fact, we welcome you asking questions after the inspection is complete and use the report as a supplement.


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