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Car Servicing

Our excellent car service Perth is among the most comprehensive in the city. When you need any servicing done on your car, trust our car service Perth to provide professional service. You will get your issues addressed promptly, and repairs are done with as much efficiency as humanly possible.

Here are clear reasons why we should be your first choice for car servicing Perth.

Our costs are up front. We are not going to surprise you with a hidden fee or unexpected charge.


Car Servicing in Perth

If a replacement is required, you get a say. Whenever possible, we will accommodate what you want within the scope of what the manufacturer recommends.

The warranty is comprehensive, alongside the cheap car service Perth.

We understand the need for you to see things yourself. As such, our mechanics are open to showing you any damaged areas. Any worn or damaged parts are revealed to you for inspection, so you can choose whether they need replacing.

We perform both minor and major car servicing Perth.

Minor maintenance is often an interim task. The focus is firmly on lubrication and fluid levels, but it also acts as a way to check systems such as the brakes and exhaust. A general car mechanic Perth service also assesses the lifespan of the tires.

Our team will change the engine oil and filter. We check and top up all fluids. The crew replaces air filters. The service includes assessment of all belts, hoses, lights, and overall condition. Anything that seems amiss or has damage is reported, so you can make a decision on how to proceed.

We also include a road test.

For major car services, the work is more comprehensive. Diagnostic analysis of all systems, including the ignition and electrical, is conducted. Minor flaws that may be missed in a small service can be spotted this way. Spark plugs are replaced, steering and suspension are corrected, and the fuel system checked.

Also, we’ll also check and possibly replace wiper blades, air filters, fuel filters, and coolant.

Finally, a road test tops off the car servicing Perth.

Both cheap car services Perth come with detailed reports and the advice of our expert mechanics on how best to proceed.

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