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Having a car inspected is a good way to make sure that nothing is wrong with it. You might want it done before buying a used car. Others use it as a way to justify a price tag when selling their old vehicle. There may be other reasons.

Regardless of the specifics, car inspections are something that we handle. We bring professionalism and expertise to the table, as well as a commitment to your convenience.

Our shop offers numerous inspection services, all performed by qualified mechanics.

We offer car battery Perth inspections.

As the primary source of electrical power for a vehicle, the battery is a crucial part of the car. Our examination can determine if you have a bad cell, a low electrolyte count, or any number of other problems tied to car batteries Perth.

We also inspect the brakes and clutches.

These components are core safety features of any car. Making sure they are in working order is integral. You can call on our car mechanic Perth to do an inspection for maintenance. You might also consider us if the brakes shudder when used, or if they make noise when used.

Our shop also has experts in car electrical systems, for those times when things like the engine lights aren’t working properly.

Of course, alongside all our services, we also offer comprehensive engine inspections.

The engine is the heart of the vehicle, and it’s one that has close to hundreds of moving parts. We can perform individual inspections of specific areas, such as the drive belt. We can also perform a diagnostic inspection to identify and repair problems, such as the engine not starting or strange noises.

We can also inspect the tires.

Tire pressure is critical, for both safety and fuel economy. If you aren’t sure if the pressure is right, our mechanics can conduct an inspection and adjust appropriately.

If your suspension is making clunking or knocking noises, call on our car mechanic Perth to inspect it. Sounds like that are often a sign of damage or poor maintenance.

Whatever area of your car needs inspecting, from the car battery Perth to the timing belt, we are ready to offer a comprehensive, fair-priced service.


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