Term and Conditions

At Mobile Mechanic Perth WA, We are taking important & protective measures to protect the health of working staff and customers, from the spread of COVID-19, under the guidelines of the Australian Government Department of Health and Work Safety. 

To protect everyone, Mobile Car Mechanic Perth WA will operate following the following recommended procedures: 

All mobile staff must wear protective face masks at work, which the Australian Government Department approves of Health and Work Safety.

1. General

These terms and conditions are a component of the agreement (contract) between Mobile Mechanic Perth WA Pvt Ltd doing business as (we or us) and the client (you), which is created when

– you sign a form issued by us that describes services that we will perform (Service Authorisation); or

– By our contactless service model, you can authorise to perform the agreed-upon services (or amended services as a result of updated instructions from you) on your vehicle by placing your vehicle key in the provided container or by leaving the key in your car; or

You agree that the Service Authorization and these terms and conditions comprise our agreement with you. You agree that this agreement supersedes any prior understanding or communication, whether written or oral, concerning the subject matter.

2. Term and Termination

The term of this agreement is from the date of your Service Authorization until the end of a period agreed by us and you (the End Date). This term and your rights to use our services may never be terminated except upon the express written notice from us to you.

3. Pricing

You may incur additional charges such as GST, fuel tax, and any other relevant fees. All amounts payable by you are due on the date we invoice you. We will only issue you the invoice for the work you have completed under your Service Authorization and following the terms and conditions of our agreement.

4. Returns Policy

Our return policy does not affect your rights as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law. In addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, this insurance is offered. 

At Mobile Mechanic Perth WA, if our service representative finds any installation of tools in your 4wd to be unrelated to work ordered and requested work. You can ask for a refund of the following:

– The price of the goods relating to non-related installation if Mobile Mechanic Perth provides a refund, exchange or credit.

– Reasonable costs incurred by you in returning the goods.

– We may, at our option, repair or replace goods supplied.


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