Timing Belt

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Timing Belt

At around the 100,000km mark, most cars need the timing belt replaced. If your vehicle is reaching that amount of mileage, please contact a car mechanic Perth from us.

First off, what is a timing belt? Not everyone who has a car knows that this part is, or what it does.

A timing belt is a part of the engine. It also plays a role in the normal functioning of the crankshaft, the drivetrain, and the cam. The component forms the central part of the system and is usually invisible under the hood. However, it fulfils a crucial mechanical function.

If it breaks, your car becomes immobile. It may even damage other parts in the process. Only in rare instances will it break after a warning. Most of the time, it just snaps without any prior sign of a problem.

If you happen to be on the road at the time…well, you will need to call a mobile car service Perth.

Different car models and manufacturers have different timing belts. Consequently, they recommend getting the belt replaced with a fresh one at various times. The one they all agree on is that it is ill-advised to exceed that distance because it increases the risk of the belt breaking.

Over the years, our car mechanic Perth professionals have handled timing belt-related concerns. We have replaced them. We have diagnosed problems tied to them. We have even gone on-site to address the problem because the belt broke in the middle of nowhere, or while driving.

As a bonus, our towing service to get your vehicle to our shop is free of charge in these cases.

If you’re not sure your timing belt has ever been replaced, don’t worry. Contact us, and we can look over your vehicle and check if you have a new or old belt. We can also recommend a course of action if we find anything irregular or potentially out of place.

Our shop has all the necessary gear to conduct a replacement. We also have timing belts from all of the major manufacturers and most models. Our professionals will perform the installation, as well as inform you if a replacement is unavailable and has to be a special order.


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