For anyone who has ever seen a mechanic or technician at work, they know how important tools are to the job. No self-respecting mobile mechanic Perth is going to a job site without the proper tools. You just can’t do the job without them.

Mobile mechanics, in particular, rely more on their tools. Ask around for a mobile mechanic Perth and their tools, and you’ll likely get a few recurring answers. In particular, we’re going to outline the ones that seem to see the most use.

The most important is a scan tool, one that can take on different models.

Advanced scan tools aren’t cheap; we’re not going to lie about that. However, the basic code reader just isn’t enough in most cases. An advanced tool can cover more models and trouble codes, allowing for a cleaner, more accurate diagnosis. It also covers more types of data.

Basically, the better your scan tool, the more comprehensive the image you get. This lets you see more of what’s wrong and get a better clue of how to fix things.

You’re also going to need a brake bleeding kit. Without one, this becomes a two-man task.

Mobile mechanics often need to work solo, or at least be able to do that. Using a brake bleeding kit is integral. It frees you from the need to have one to pump the pedal and another to open the bleeder valves. Negating the need for a separate person for the “bleeding” is important.

Not all tools are fancy, though. A good mechanic will always need a jack and a jack stand.

They’ll want something that’s of good quality. Different sizes and builds might also be a good idea, for specific situations. You want high lift capability and a solid design, able to take all that pressure. The stand shouldn’t be skimped on, either. A poor jack stand can lead to accidents.

Aluminium is a good material for jacks and jack stands. They’re lightweight but still durable.

You also want a good portable air compressor. It’s not a standard, but it could be a great investment. A number of less-used tools require air running through them, and an air compressor is needed for those. They come in a number of sizes, so you have options.

A good assortment of clips for your multimeter is also important. You probably have a good digital multimeter, and adding things like lead extensions and adapters makes it more flexible in its uses. This makes electrical issues easier to figure out.

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