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Company Fleet

Do you have your company fleet?

Various businesses have their car fleets. Law firms might want fancy cars available for their partners if they need to impress a potential client. Casinos and hotels have them to transport famous guests in style. A car rental’s entire business relies on their fleet.

Some businesses need a comprehensive car mechanic Perth plan because of their corporate fleets. These machines need to be maintained. They may need repairs in the event of accidents. They are investments that should be kept in good condition.

Whether you only have one company car for special occasions or you maintain two hundred of them for all sorts of events, you need them in excellent condition. After all, how much damage would it do to your corporate image if they broke down while a client was in them?

Having staff available to provide the service in-house is an option. However, it is an expensive option. You can’t have your people taking time out of their schedules to repair the vehicles. Keeping mechanics on-hand when they’re not needed can be a financial sinkhole for some small businesses.

Choose professionals for your fleet maintenance needs. The best choice is to hire mobile car service Perth from us.

We provide a regular, professional mechanical service. Whether you have five or fifteen hundred vehicles, we can manage your fleet and leave you to focus on the business.

We will coordinate with you to make sure that our work happens at your convenience, on a schedule that minimises stress on your part.

Naturally, we will keep you abreast of anything we encounter. We will inform you if we find anything that needs repairs, what replacements are needed, and which ones could use a full workover.We’ll also tell you about all your options, so you can choose how to handle the situation.

Having our car mechanic Perth team on the job makes your life easier. We handle all of the fleet servicing needed, giving you one less headache to worry about.

We also provide mobile services. We can fix breakdowns on the road or attend to problems with your vehicles while they’re in your garage.


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